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February 18, 2016
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Why Should you Assess your Website

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Why do we assess your website?

It is important to be able to assess the quality of a website. When using a website for a resource, it is mainly the quality of the information that must be assessed, but when creating a website or judging someone else’s website, a number of different factors must be considered.

Judging the quality of a website can be very subjective. Sites are created for a variety of reasons — for art, education, entertainment, commercial, and business purposes, as well as for information or personal use.

What do we assess?

Accessibility – Is it important that a website be as universally accessible as possible? We think so and you should too!

Design – Good websites have a design that is visually appealing, readable, easy to navigate, and reinforces the purpose of the site while giving it a unified look and feel. Does your have it? We think it should!

Content – We use the following criteria for assessing the quality of information listed above: accuracy, authority, objectivity, currency, and coverage. Simply put, does your content convey your brand message?

Technological Aspects and Interactivity – You can judge a site on how the technologies used add to (or detract from) the purpose of the site. The site should use new technologies and multimedia, such as:

  • Message and Bulletin Boards
  • Surveys
  • Videos
  • Games
  • Online Tests
  • Audio Selections
  • Chat Rooms
  • Broadcasting
  • and Search Technologies

These are just a few of the ways technology can be used to make a website more interactive.

Creativeness/Originality – Creative and original websites can be more fun to use because of their novelty and ingenuity. Your website should be distinct and memorable and give a memorable over-all impression.

What do you get?

We provide you with a written assessment of what our thoughts are regarding your website and where we recommend you can make changes that will have a positive effect on your online presence. Have us make the changes or give it to your company web developer for implementation.

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