Law Firm MarketingThere are many large law firms with big budgets in the US. Many of them hail out of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles. This article is going to talk about how smaller law firms with small budgets can beat the big guys, even nationwide.  As a marketing company with experience in marketing law firms, let me show you.


For most small lawyers, especially ones that are starting out, forget about Adwords on a national level. In our experience it’s $15/click. You’ll have to be pretty creative and only market keywords that have the city name in it like “Boise personal injury lawyer”. The big guys don’t market those keywords.

We recommend taking a look at Bing Ads. It is Bing’s version of Adwords and it controls both Bing and Yahoo. You don’t think people use Bing? We personally know people who open Internet Explorer and do searches on IE. The default search engine is Bing! Don’t ignore Bing when marketing your law firm. Clicks are much less, about $3- $5.

YouTube Remarketing

Everybody is familiar with remarketing nowadays. However, barely anybody uses YouTube to remarket. What, YouTube remarketing? Let’s use an example to make this clear.

At 1:00pm during his lunch, Michael does a search for “securities fraud attorney” and finds the TLG Law Firm, but his boss calls him and he had to go back to work. Michael leaves no information, no email, and no phone number. However anyone going to the TLG website gets put onto a remarketing list. Michael gets home at 6:00pm and starts watching YouTube videos on his Smart TV. All of the sudden he sees a video ad (the ones you “Skip Ad”) of TLG pitching their services for a securities fraud attorney. This reminds him of what he was reading during lunch and he takes out his cell phone and revisits the TLG website. In this example, TLG got a 2nd chance to connect with Michael.

3rd Party Reviews

According to Google’s 160 page Quality Rater’s Guidelines, reviews are one of the main factors that make a high-quality or low-quality website. Google now takes a holistic approach in its algorithms and looks at 3rd party reviews. Sites like Yelp, Shopper Approved, BBB, Avvo, etc., are some of the companies that host reviews. Get reviews from your past customers and get a kick start on your overall review profile.

Build More Landing Pages

Make a landing page for each service your law firm practices. We mentioned the TLG Law Firm. They practice stock, bond, commodity fraud; among other types of law. A personal injury attorney should have a landing page for slip and fall, car accident, medical malpractice, etc. No law firm can expect their home page to rank for all the services it provides. Make it easier on yourself and create a landing page specifically for each specialty. Remember to write something useful for the prospect and maybe some cases your won.  You should also assess your entire site too.

Link Building for Organic Rankings

When you start link building for your law firm, don’t just point everything to the home page. The last thing you want to do is target 100 links with the same keyword to your home page and hope you rank. That’s not happening. If you want to rank for related keywords, you will need to increase the authority of your website. Google favors brands, period. When you link build, at least 50% should have the anchor text as your company brand. The rest should be related keywords. Even an occasional “click here” link is fine because it looks natural.

Unfortunately link building is the MOST time consuming part of all online marketing. That’s where Cole Patrick Marketing can help you market your law firm.

March 4, 2016

5 Tips on Marketing a Law Firm

There are many large law firms with big budgets in the US. Many of them hail out of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles. This article is […]