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April 21, 2016
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May 19, 2016

Identifying key influencers is a lot like analyzing your competitors. Key Influencers are those companies that move the industry along. Whether blogging about something or social posts, key influencers drive the discussions. They may be the subject matter experts in their fields or just a well-informed industry person.

There are three types of Key Influencer’s. 1) Masters and Commanders, 2) Positional, and 3) Consumer. Each type holds sway over parts of the industry and it is in your company’s best interest to develop those relationships.

How to establish an influencer relationship

Establishing an influencer relationship can be done through many different avenues. By following these simple steps, you can build these relationships and promote your product and service effectively.

Masters & Commanders

  • Read and subscribe to their publications and blogs.
  • Post comments relevant to the stories to establish the relationship.
  • Request an interview about them to post on our site or suggest a story or review of Yourwebsite.com to post on their site.
  • Advertise on their websites or publications.

Positional & Consumer Influencers

  • Become a member using your Facebook or Twitter login’s.
  • Provide an incentive for referring potential registrants for events. (Product Coupon)
  • Provide a Yourwebsite.com Facebook and Twitter page for them to follow event announcements.

How do you get an influencer involved

  • By offering links to their blog sites or online publications.
  • Offer free event listings regardless of whether they are using Yourwebsite.com as their registration solution.
  • Establish Podcasts or Online Conferences and invite them to participate and contribute.
  • Offer marketing services that may be able to increase their readership, while sharing relevant stories to our current clients.
    • E-mail campaigns already in place for current events.
    • Facebook and Twitter postings regarding relevant articles.

Establishing and maintaining Influencer relationships is an ongoing process. Like any public information campaign, constant efforts must exist to cultivate new relationships within your industry. Failure will occur when the effort is not well thought out and executed with the precision necessary to reach the desired results.

Once that level of performance and precision is not met, a company may slide backwards and have a difficult time re-establishing itself with those influencers as a leader or authority in their industry.

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